Ninth Virginia
Regiment of Cavalry

Fort Stevens 2004
Ford, Logan & Ahearn - Ft. Stevens 2002  tintype by Professor C. Davis

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Welcome to the Ninth Virginia Cavalry web site

This is an American History site dedicated to cavalry, cavalry horses and mounted warfare of the American Civil War.  It is more than just another reenacting or living history site as you can see by our site map.

We include extensive history including rare E-books related to Cavalry:

Regimental History written by R.L.T. Beale in 1865.
Rosters of the men in detail, with photos and statistics.
Congdon's Compendium - Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for cavalry.
Poinsett's Cavalry Tactics - Definitive drill manual for AOP & ANV cavalry.
Nolan's System for Training Cavalry Horses - How they trained war horses (it still works!).
Kautz's Customs of Service
- For officers.
The Rebel Yell - as performed by the 9th Virginia Cavalry
Military Etiquette of the mid-19th century.

We include information on the cavalry regiment as it is reformed today:

Organization and modern membership roster.
Training schedule and maps to sites.
Event information.
Safety requirements.

We include information that will help cavalry reenactors improve:

Reenactment instruction on use of the saber, pistol, and carbine.
Horse training tips to help all reenactors and their horses in a reenactment environment.
Drill information and explanation - both mounted and dismounted.
What to look for in good equipment.
Message Board.

We have a page relating to battlefield preservation and historic interpretation.  We urge you to help these organizations save our battlefields by donating your time and money.

USE OF MATERIAL:  Please use what information we have at this site if it is for the better understanding of historic cavalry, military horses, horsemanship, modern reenacting/living history or the American Civil War.  We ask that you give credit to the writer and link to this page.

About Our Group:

We are known as the Ninth Virginia Cavalry, Inc. , a non-profit corporation located on the west coast in the state of Oregon.  We portray a Confederate cavalry regiment as it would have looked in 1863.  We are not a "reb" unit, we do not tolerate extremists or racism. We are truly living historians portraying a portion of American history that was pivotal in forging our nation. Our particular group has two separate camps at events, one for our military impression and one for our civilian impression.  We are a large organization with a membership that fluctuates from 60 to 90.  We elect our officers and board members at yearly elections.

We also do a Union impression as the 2nd US Cavalry.  Our Union impression is rare in Oregon because Union troops are numerous and we are needed in gray but when attending other events in other states we wear blue quite a bit.

The 9th Virginia Cavalry is a founding member of Civil War reenacting in the northwest.  Twenty-one years ago our original members played an important role in the formation of the nucleus of what is now the large organization of reenactors known as the Northwest Civil War Council.  In early 2010 the 9th Virginia Cavalry celebrated its 21st anniversary.

We appreciate your interest in the Ninth Virginia Cavalry and we hope you will visit us soon at a reenactment or living history event.

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Join us in our local cavalry forum to discuss events, authenticity, horses, weapons, drill, training or anything about cavalry you can think of.

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