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Remember - You get what you pay for in buying horse equipment, discount houses and cheap equipment have been the cause of several mishaps on the field.  Keep this in mind when purchasing your equipment.  Do not purchase stainless steel bits, horses like iron bits best and you can see stainless steel a mile away!

1859 McClellan Saddle $750.00 and up

Girth $ 60.00

Surcingle $ 50.00

Crupper $ 45.00

Military Headstall $50.00 up

Reins $ 20.00 up

Link Strap $ 25.00

Military Bit $85.00  up

Curb Chain $ 8.00

Halter $ 50.00

Cotton/hemp  lead rope $10.00

Dragoon blanket $70.00 plus

1859 Saddlebags $ 95.00

Curry Comb $20.00

Brush $20.00




Jenifer Saddle $900.00 up

Dragoon Bit (1 or 2 reins)

Period Civilian Equipment

Texas Saddle $1000.00 up

Confederate style bits

Civilian Saddle

Grimsley Saddle $1200.00 up


Occasionally you can put together your own saddle once you find a tree if you like to work with leather.  We personally do not feel this saves any money and the trees of the '04 McClellan that are mostly available are not exactly like those of the '59 in shape.  We also feel taking apart one piece of history to build a replica is shortsighted.  It is kind of satisfying to make your own equipment so consider buying a new  '59 replica tree.  Here is a list of supplies and costs for pre-cut material after you find your rawhide covered tree. (you can buy trees and kits also)  If you would like to make your own equipment from a piece of your own leather you can get oak-tanned leather in various grades at Muir & McDonald Tannery in Dallas Oregon.   You can also buy rawhide at this same source.  This business has been in constant operation since 1863 and tans hides in the old method.  Get help from an accredited saddler when you buy your leather.  Some leather is not made to take abuse as quarter-straps, billets and latigo leather.

Fenders (pair) $ 39.00

Stirrup Straps (pair) $ 45.00

4" Hooded Stirrups (pair) $ 47.00

Off-side Girth Strap $ 12.00

Near-side Girth Strap $ 18.00

Quarter strap Assembly $ 85.00

Sweat Leathers $45.00

Coat Straps (set of six) $ 42.00

asst. staples and rings needed also

ONE THING NICE about owning and using either a McClellan or a Jenifer saddle, you will find after riding in the old style saddles that you will prefer to ride in them over the modern types.

Government Specifications for McClellan Equipments - Union Army