The mounted men get together at Camp Lacomb for drill, skirmishing and inspection during fair to good weather.

NEXT TRAINING To be advised

Training will start at 11 AM

LACOMB CAMP - General rules

The Lacomb area is a very rural Willamette Valley  SMALL town, with only about 400 inhabitants.  We are located 15 miles northeast of Lebanon, 18 miles east of Albany and 24 miles southeast of Salem in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains at 35523 East Lacomb Rd.

This is an historic area.  Linneus Ahearn's home is a farmhouse here on the property.  It was built in 1861 and is the earliest example  of a typical mid-19th century two-story house in this area.  Our camp is located behind the house at the bottom of the ridge alongside the river.   We strive to remove all anachronisms from the camp area during the weekend if we can. 

Since this area is a popular and inhabited rural area we ask that those staying here NOT use weapons or walk over our neighbors property without permission.  To attend the training events here you must sign a liability release form and be under the sponsorship of a mentor while you attend.

Those with horses should bring their own feed and plan on placing their horses on our picketline just like at a re-enactment. Sometimes our regular horses can be turned loose in a field for the night if they all get along. New horses, of course, will have to get used to the old campaigners first before we trust them in a loose situation. There are also stalls in the barn which you will be expected to clean if you need them.

Food: Bring your own or join in the company mess. On Saturday night (weekend trainings) we have a potluck meal, which means you add your meal to the availability of the rest of the members in exchange for the same consideration.

If you don't have your period stuff yet we ask you to keep all modern stuff out of sight or away from camp. Many times our camp is not made up of canvas tents but we sleep on the ground in the open. (You'd be amazed at how many stars are out there!) If you chose to stay in a camper or trailer it must be parked away from the period camp and up at the barn.

Civilians are also invited and encouraged to attend the training events.

Any training we have will put the horses on picket lines under the trees at the creek or in the barn or a pasture.  You may park in the upper pasture if there has been no rain.  Training starts at 9 AM Saturday and until 5 PM Sunday.  If Chaplain Wood attends we will have church services on Sunday under the trees or along the creek at 9 AM

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How to get to the camp...

From the north, Salem/Portland take I-5 south to Hwy 22.  Head east on 22 then head south at the Stayton exit (1st St.) which will take you out of town, over the North Santiam River.  Road curves right and next road you need to turn left over the railroad tracks, its Cole School Road.  Cole School T's into Ridge Rd.  Make a right then an immediate left to go down the hill on Richardson's Gap Rd.  This road goes for several miles after it flattens out at the bottom of the hill.  At the 2nd Stop Sign, Fish Hatchery Drive, turn left.  At Meridian Rd turn right (right turn allowed without stopping) and before you go up the hill, turn left on East Lacomb Rd.  The captain's place is at the first curve.  If its dry you can park in the pasture, if wet you might need to jockey for a spot along the barn driveway or the house driveway.

The map is not to scale, Hwy 22 actually runs at an angle, if you go through Albany you will be putting on an extra 8 to 10 miles but its straighter.  The captain lives about 15 miles from Stayton and 24 from Salem.

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